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Our solutions are tailored to deliver on a variety of business needs, spanning a broad range of industries. Our trained staff is experienced at customizing solutions that work for you, regardless of size, application, or need.

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Government, Corporate and Legal Offices

Optimize the storage of files, records, and archives with our scalable, mobile, powered, mechanical-assist or static high-density shelving and storage systems. We’ll help you make the most of your space while ensuring your records are accessible and protected. 


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Industrial and Retail Operations

Make better use of your resources by adopting our high-density moveable shelving and racking solutions or mobilize your existing equipment. With our superior static and mobile systems, productivity and inventory management will soar. Our Canadian-made solutions are reliable, comprehensive, and built to last.

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Public Safety and Sports

With our safe, compact and efficient storage shelving and racking systems, you can feel at ease knowing your essential equipment is safe. Our modular high-performance shelving systems can provide your organization with a secure and space-saving solution. 

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Our high-density shelving and storage systems can make the most of your records and inventory management. Our space-saving mobiles and static shelving provide space and time optimization.

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Art Galleries and Museums

With our customizable and scalable solutions, create dynamic exhibition spaces and effective storage that will optimize the management of your fine art gallery or museum collection. 

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Don’t settle for conventional library shelving and get the best compact systems available on the market. Facilitate access to your documents and maximize the use of your square footage with our mobile library solutions. 

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Vertical Farming

Maximize crop yields and production efficiency with our mobile vertical farming systems. Whether you’re growing or storing, we provide safe, compact solutions that make the most of your space. 

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